Cycle Scheme


Here at Shorter Rochford cycles we support a wide range of Cycle Schemes such as: Cyclescheme, Bike2Work, Cycle2Work and more.   Follow the steps below to use your cycle to work vouchers instore.

Step 1


Your employer will need to be registered with one of the Cycle to Work schemes listed above.  They can find out how it’s done on one of the cycle schemes websites. 

Step 2


Pop in store to choose a bike and any safety accessories.  Once you have chosen we will give you  quotation form


Step 3


You or your employer then apply for a voucher to use instore on the relevant cycle to work schemes website. The employee will usually sign an online hire agreement at this point.

Step 4


Once approved, a Certificate will be issued to either your employer or directly to you, whichever is requested.

Step 5


The Voucher is then redeemed in store at Shorter Rochford Cycles in exchange for the bike package. Salary sacrifice then commences over the hire period.


Step 6


When your Hire Agreement finishes, you make one final (small) payment, and you’re done! Your tax savings happen because your cycle scheme package has been hired from your employer. Once paid the bike then remains ‘hired’ for a further 36 months (but with no further monthly payments) until ownership is officially transferred to you at no further cost.